Frequently Asked Questions

  • What should I do if I am absent from a class?



    If you are absent for any reason, please inform the main office at 204-786-9221 or report an absence via The Collegiate website. Regardless of the reason you are absent, it is your responsibility to ensure that you have caught up on missed work.


    大学keeps a record of your attendance, and if your attendance is unsatisfactory, you may be required to meet with a Dean. If poor attendance is accompanied by failing grades in a course, you may be placed on Probationary Status. The aim of Probationary Status is to help you be more successful in the course. If your attendance does not improve, or if you miss more than two weeks of classes without notifying The Collegiate Office, you may be withdrawn.


  • What if I am late for class?


  • 如果我搬家该怎么办?


  • 我将如何获得学术建议?

    这Deans will work with you at your registration appointment to ensure that you are taking the appropriate courses to meet graduation requirements and to prepare you for your post-secondary studies. The Deans will also help you to plan a manageable timetable, and will provide you with information about special credit programs.

  • 我在哪里可以获取有关大学和大学的信息?


  • What should I do if I lose or damage a textbook?

    See the Office immediately. Lost or damaged textbooks are your responsibility. Textbooks are issued in the first class of each course. If you miss the opportunity to pick up your textbook, please visit the Office.

  • What is required to graduate?

    A Grade 12 High School Diploma will be awarded to a student who has completed 30 or more credits as outlined in the Manitoba High School Program.

    Diplomas for the Fall/Winter Session are presented at the Spring Graduation Exercises, and all graduating students are expected to attend. A graduation fee will be assessed to all Grade 12 students to cover the costs of cap and gown and the diploma.

  • 什么是窃,如何定义?


    Plagiarism will be formally reported to the Dean, and in consultation with the instructor, the Dean will meet with the student. The instructor will give a mark of zero for any work which has been found to be plagiarized.


  • How do I change classes?

    为了保持平衡的班级规模,我们亚柯mmodate class changes after registration only for a valid reason. Please make an appointment with one of the Deans to discuss your situation.

    Course changes will not be made during the first week of classes. Course changes after the first two weeks of school will only be granted on special permission from the Advisor/Collegiate Dean and/or Collegiate Teacher.

  • 如果我在课程工作遇到困难时该怎么办?

    Tackle the problem right away. Start by talking to your Instructor for the course. Your Instructors have office hours so that you can find them when you have questions or concerns and may want help. Ask questions as soon as problems arise.

    Tutoring is provided as a free service to Collegiate students. The Tutor Centre is located in the lower level of Wesley Hall. Office hours are posted on the door. The Centre is an ideal spot to work on assignments or get help from the Tutor. The Centre has several computers and a printer available for student use.

  • 我如何退出课程?

    To formally withdraw, you must:

    1. 通知您的教练。
    2. Meet with a Dean to complete the necessary paper work and review your academic plan.
    3. Return all text books for the course.

    It is not enough to simply stop attending class. It is import to formally withdraw from courses so that we can process a tuition fee refund if applicable, and ensure that you do not receive a failing grade in the course. Please see the Collegiate Calendar for the refund schedule.

  • 如果取消课程,该怎么办?

    If your instructor is absent, the Office will post a class cancellation notice on the classroom door and your instructor will post a notice on Nexus. Please check the notice carefully for information on exactly which class(es) are cancelled and the assignment(s) to be completed.

  • 我怎么知道我的教室是否改变了位置?


  • 我如何获得体育教育(PE)信用?


    Please remember to keep up with your PE requirements. Always check the PE board outside of the office for a calendar of activities, and see Mrs. Small and Mr. Cable for more information.


  • 我需要哪些学校用品上课?


  • 大学考试什么时候?


    Please see the exam schedule on our website and ensure that you are available for all of your exam sessions.

  • How do I get involved in extracurricular activities?

    Early in the year, clubs and activities will be announced on CCTV. Enjoy getting to know your teachers and classmates by participating in school activities! Balance is an important factor in student success; get involved and stay on top of your school work.

  • 我在哪里可以找到即将举行的事件的新闻?

    有很多方法可以在大学通知。重要的通知可以在大学网站上找到,并且可以邮寄到学生电子邮件帐户。学院的圆形大道上有一个闭路电视屏幕英石韦斯利大厅的地板;它显示了有关课外俱乐部和活动,嘉宾演讲者和特殊活动等的当前和更新信息。海报显示在韦斯利音乐厅第二层的公告板上。当您的讲师在课堂上发布公告时,请仔细听。此外,在Twitter @collegiate_uwpg上关注大学,并喜欢温尼伯大学在Facebook上的大学。亚愽国际app下载

  • 我该谈论谁谈论财务问题?


  • 我如何申请助学金或奖学金?



  • 大学课程如何分级?

    Mark distribution information is on the course outline sheet you will receive in the first class of each course.

    A mark of “M.C.” indicates that you have been excused from an assignment, test, or exam for a legitimate reason (eg. medical). Your total possible mark will then be reduced by the value of the specific assignment, test or exam.

    请注意,“ M.C.” S不会自动发生;您必须与您的教练讨论错过的工作。

    “NP” represents “no paper” and indicates that an assignment, test, or exam has not been written. NP is considered a 0% for grade calculations.

    In courses which have final examinations, you must write the final exam in order to pass the course. There are no exemptions, regardless of your term marks.

  • When are report cards given out?


  • What do I do if I have questions about a course mark?


  • 如何获得我的成绩成绩单?


  • 如何获得温尼伯大学图书馆卡?亚愽国际app下载

    大学I.D.在Student Central获得的卡是您的图书馆卡(如果您丢失了它,请在安全办公室1C33检查,因为所有丢失的卡都均已在那里拿走。替换卡的费用为25.00美元)。如果您需要使用图书馆设施的帮助,请询问图书馆参考台的工作人员。

    这loan period for stack books is thirty days, subject to recall after fourteen days. All overdue stack books and reserve materials are subject to fines. Library holds for outstanding books/fines will be placed against your Collegiate/University account. Holders of library cards for The University of Winnipeg can also apply for library privileges at The University of Manitoba.

  • 我如何获得大学储物柜?


    Collegiate lockers are loaned to you for the Fall/Winter session (September – April) only. Please remove your lock and personal belongings and return all borrowed textbooks before the end of the Fall/Winter term in April.



    大学and the University do not assume responsibly for articles lost or stolen from lockers or other areas of the buildings. Nevertheless, all thefts should be reported to University Security in 1C33 and to a Dean. Purchase a high quality lock. Use a strong, well-made padlock with a short shank of high tensile or force resistant steel. Locks may be purchased from The Collegiate Office or Bookstore. Remember to lock your locker between classes and at the end of the school day.

  • Where can I park my car?


  • How do I obtain a ‘Go-Card’ to take the bus to school?

    高中生需要一张“ Go Card”来登上带有高中巴士票或高中巴士通行证的运输巴士。在学校照片日拍摄的照片照片。该贺卡将分发给您10月初。

  • What is SafeWalk and SafeRide?
  • 我在哪里可以买食物?


  • 我丢失了手机,背包或个人物品。我要去哪?


  • 学校照片和毕业生照片什么时候?

    School photos will be held in the 2ndweek of September. It is important to bring a completed photo request form on the day of the photos. Please see The Collegiate website for details.

    全体学生must拍摄照片,无论您是否会购买照片。当您拍摄照片时,公司会向我们发送“ Go Card”,这是您用来证明自己是高中生时的学生。

    Grad photos will be taken in November; please see the website for details.

  • How do I obtain a Duckworth Gym Membership card?

    Visit the front desk at the Duckworth Centre with your Student ID card.

  • 如何获取我的用户名/密码?


  • 我无法打印,我该怎么办?

    Please visit the Office.

  • I am unable to log-in and/or I am having technical issues with a campus computer, what should I do for assistance? campus computer, what should I do for assistance?

    Please call the UW HelpDesk at 204.786.9419 or visit the HelpDesk at 4C32B (UpLink, 4Th地板百年堂)。