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Undergraduate research highlighted during poster symposium

Uwinnipeg的学生Joshua Basman Monterrubio,Kerianne Chant和Maxina Sheft在各自的类别中都获得了第一名的荣誉。

本月在第16届年度Randy Kobes本科海报研讨会上重点介绍了Stellar Student Research。

For a second consecutive year, the event was held virtually on Zoom due to the ongoing pandemic and, once again, participation was high with more than 25 students presenting their research.

“今年在兰迪·科比斯海报研讨会上展出的学生研究非常棒,尤其是考虑到几乎所有项目都是远程进行的,”地理学系副教授兼环境影响研究主席Nora Casson博士说。关于水质。

Having the chance to present my work to a wider audience was really gratifying, and it’s an honour to receive first place.

Jessica Major

“The judges were especially impressed with how well the students communicated their complicated, technical work to an audience of non-specialists. One of the special things about UWinnipeg is the breadth of opportunities available to undergraduates to participate in research, and this was a wonderful showcase of that work.”


“Several of the program participants and two of the award winners were first- and second-year students of the Pathways to Graduate Studies,” said Casson. “It’s a strong indication that even students early in their undergraduate careers are doing awesome research at UWinnipeg.”

All presentations were made via Zoom during the week of September 7-10, followed by judging from September 13-17. The symposium wrapped up last week with an awards ceremony.

Congratulations to first-place recipients:

Maxina Sheft (实验物理科学),Analyzing Axons in the Human Brain Using MRI, supervisorDr. Melanie Martin.

“I am honored to have been awarded first place, and I am grateful for the recognition of the work I put into my research project. It would not have been possible without the support of my advisor, Dr. Melanie Martin,” said Sheft. “Each day, improved methods are being developed to make sure that people can get the best healthcare possible, and I enjoy contributing to this advancement. The more accurate the images we can collect of the human brain, the more information we have to apply to diagnosing and treating various neurological disorders.

Kerianne Chant (Biological and Environmental Sciences),Evaluating a five-factor personality assessment for use in polar bears, supervisorDr. Stephen Peterson.

“Researching polar bears has been a dream. Being able to see the impact my work has directly on the care and management of the bears at Assiniboine Park Zoo has been the most rewarding experience,” said Chant. “What I love most about my project on polar bear personalities is that it allowed me to combine both my biological and psychological research interests in this amazing project that advocates for animal well-being.”

约书亚巴斯曼蒙特鲁比奥(Math and Theoretical Physical Sciences),Research in Pure Mathematics: Algebraic Combinatorics and the Cyclic Sieving Phenomenon,Dr. Anna Stokke.

巴斯曼·蒙特鲁比奥(Monterrubio)说:“我很高兴能摆脱数学的欢乐和兴奋,以及我今年夏天与我的研究合作伙伴Graeme Henrickson和主管Anna Stokke博士一起进行的研究引起了我的演讲观众的共鸣。”.“Synthesizing this information for this format required creativity, prioritizing skills, and a certain mastery of the subject to critically analyze what details are worth going into given the fact that no background knowledge on the subject was assumed of the audience.”

Jessica Major(Social Sciences),Feminism and the medical discourse surrounding menstruation: a quantitative content analysis,supervisorDr. Mirjana Roksandic.


Congratulations to second- and third-place finishers:

Brayden Yarish(Second Place, Experimental Sciences),确定通过磁性屏蔽房间移动的传感器上的系统错误, supervisor罗素·玛米(Russell Mammei)博士Flora Easter(第三名,实验生理科学),为中微子物理学的光学探测器的Caibraton的水池设计,supervisorDr. Blair Jamieson.

Gracie Grift(Second Place, Biological and Environmental Sciences),健康女性和男性运动过程中呼气流限制的预测指标, supervisorDr. Yannick Molgat-SeonMathieu Sawatzky(Third Place, Biological and Environmental Sciences),气道大小及其与健康男性和女性的劳累呼吸困难的关联, supervisorDr. Yannick Molgat-Seon.

Antonio Axalan(Second Place, Math and Theoretical Physical Sciences)零膨胀的β自动锻炼与冬季气候时间序列的应用,supervisorDr.旋律GhahramaniMichael Grehan(第三名,数学和理论物理科学),Computational Solutions of Feynman Integrals for One-Loop Five-Point Processe,主管Drs.Samuel Abreu and Ben Page.

Sean Carter(Second Place, Social Sciences),Reduced functional connectivity across all components of the Delis-Kaplan Executive Function System Colour-Word Interference Test in individuals with Multiple Sclerosis,主管Drs. Jen Kornelsen and Dr. Steve Smith.

The Randy Kobes Undergraduate Poster Symposium team sends special thanks to the entire University community, including the Dean of Science, the Research Office, and the research supervisors for helping pull off this event.

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