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‘Creating as Care’ extended

Explore how art contributes to wellness at artist-led workshops from June 29 – July 20

Annie Beach Suncatcher (photo supplied).

More than a year into the COVID-19 pandemic, isolation and social distancing have resulted in ongoing experiences of anxiety, unease and other mental health challenges. In response, Gallery 1C03 is pleased to extendCreating as Care, a free series of virtual artist-led workshops.

Creating as Careoffers the opportunity for University of Winnipeg students, staff and the public at large to take time for self-care by engaging virtually with local artists, learning from them through artist-led creative workshops that explore the potential for art to contribute to wellness.

Originally launched last March with workshops by artists Leslie Supnet, Annie Beach, Hannah Doucet and Jessica Canard, Gallery 1C03 has decided to continue the series with the presentation of four new videos by additional artists.

The second part of the series kicks off with Indigenous Canadian ArtistKC Adams. She leads a workshop on making a turtle smudge bowl. Other workshops in the summer series include making zines with Christina Hajjar, writing rap lyrics with Osani Balkaran, and how to make a bucket hat with Kelly Campbell.

Gallery 1C03 Curatorial Intern Jayelyn Rae (photo supplied).

UWinnipeg student Jayelyn Rae is Gallery 1C03’s curatorial intern this summer. Rae is working with the artists to launch part two of the program on June 29. They are currently entering the final year of their BA (Honours) degree in the History of Art, and have completed the UWinnipeg’s curatorial practicum course this past year.

Rae notes: “Working on theCreating as Careseries has been an incredible opportunity for me to connect with artists whose art I admire. I’m hoping that these workshops foster a sense of community and togetherness that many have missed during the pandemic.”

Creating as Care詹妮弗·吉布森是在2021年初的the director and curator of Gallery 1C03, and UWinnipeg graduate student Julia Wake. Gibson was asked to supervise Wake in her practicum for the curatorial studies course, taught by Dr. Serena Keshavjee.

“Working with Jennifer to conceive theCreating as Careseries was a nice opportunity to reflect on the impacts that the pandemic has had on community art programming,” said Wake. “The last year has been marked by so many disruptions and pivots, yet it’s been such a positive experience to see the potential that art continues to hold in promoting wellness, healing, and togetherness during this time when many are feeling isolated.”

Wake’s experience as the program director at Graffiti Art Programming, where she has been running online artist-led workshops for many months, was a significant asset toCreating as Care.

“Together, Julia and I discussed the best format for the project and she selected four artists to approach,” said Gibson. “Initially the series launched last March, when we premiered one workshop video each week on Gallery 1C03’s Instagram feed where we have more than 1800 followers. So far, each of those videos have had over 300 views.” With the gallery continuing to be closed over the summer and based on the success of the first workshop series, Gibson decided to extend the project.

Gibson feels thatCreating as Careis important on several levels: “it shows how the arts are a vital pathway to self-care and wellness, and it enables Gallery 1C03 to highlight the significant creative work being done by several amazing local artists, and connect them virtually to the community who watch and take part in the workshops.

With both parts of this series being curated by UWinnipeg students, the program also helps promote student experience and success.”

More information can be found atCreating as Care.

Creating as Care Part 2: Artist-led Workshops
Workshops remain online indefinitely
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