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Last month, the Faculty of Graduate Studies partnered with Mitacs for an evening of food and lively dialogue as they celebrated the achievements of UWinnipeg undergraduate students in the Mitacs program.

This year, interns from Hong Kong, India, Jamaica, Tunisia, and the UK participated in projects in the areas of applied computer science, chemistry, kinesiology, physics, physical literacy, and women’s and gender studies. Students had a chance to share their experiences, as well as learn of options to continue their studies at UWinnipeg through theMitacs Globalink Research Internship (GRI) program.

“GRI is designed to bring the most talented students from all over the world to Canada during the summer to experience collaborative research,” said Yvette Shang, Director, Business Development for Research and Innovation at Mitacs. “Students will receive supports from all levels and, most importantly, they will gain a valuable network with their host institution and with the fellow GRI peers.”

At the event, students sat around a table and spoke of their experience at UWinnipeg, some sharing their wish to continue their studies at UWinnipeg through the GRI.

“I am definitely going to try and continue my studies at The University of Winnipeg. My supervisor,Dr. Christopher Henry, has been so supportive and I couldn’t imagine getting my master’s anywhere else,” said Applied Computer Science student Mohamed Naim Ben Younes.

Students also had a chance to mingle with Faculty of Graduate Studies professors and hear from Habib Ben Abdallah, who went through both the GRI and GRI fellowship.

“I came to The University of Winnipeg through the Mitacs program. I spent four months here as an undergraduate student when I was encouraged by my professor to continue into a master’s program. I came back as a proud UWinnipeg student and I am now moving on to get my PhD, something I never thought possible without the encouragement and support from my mentors.”

Manish Pandey, Acting Dean of Graduate Studies, noted that it’s these student-supervisor connections that make UWinnipeg stand out.

“Alumni of the program can return to The University of Winnipeg to pursue Graduate Studies with the advantage of a pre-established student-supervisor relationship and $15,000 towards student financial support.”

This past year,UWinnipeg surpassed $1 million in Mitacs internships, ranking in the top two-thirds of all partner universitiesand higher than the national average in increased activity, female student representation, and internships in the areas of agriculture, forestry, fishing, hunting, computer science, earth sciences, and physical sciences.

Learn more aboutMitacsand visit ourFaculty of Graduate Studiespage.

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