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想ty of Winnipeg: One of Canada’s Top 4 Undergraduate Universities

WINNIPEG – The University of Winnipeg achieved 4th position in the overall ranking of undergraduate universities in the country in the 12th Annual Maclean’s Ranking of Canadian Universities. UWinnipeg continues to be ranked highest among undergraduate universities in western Canada.

“The University of Winnipeg continues its tradition as an institution dedicated to high academic standards, as well as to the cultivation and support of an inclusive, diverse, and fulfilled student body,” states Patrick Deane, Vice-President (Academic). “The Maclean’s rankings are a welcome confirmation of our success in these areas, and a wonderful testimony to the extraordinary contribution made by our outstanding faculty and all members of the University of Winnipeg community.”

The University of Winnipeg’s ranking demonstrates its ability to attract Manitoba and out of province high school students with solid academic standing and maintain their interest right through to graduation. The high ranking (#2) in the share of resources devoted to services for students bears witness to UWinnipeg’s commitment to access and excellence. Moving to 4th from 5th in the overall undergraduate rankings, the University of Winnipeg made major gains in three important categories: Class Size 1st & 2nd Year; Library Acquisitions; and, Scholarships & Bursaries (% of Budget).

In the Reputational Survey portion of the Maclean’s Ranking—the section that reflects a university’s reputation with its own graduates, as well as within the community at large—the University of Winnipeg continues to make great strides, steadily moving up the rankings each year (up one to #9 this year). The ongoing and increased support of University of Winnipeg’s 30,000+ member Alumni Association helped the University secure 4th in the “Alumni Support” section (up from 5th in 2001).

Located in the urban heart of downtown, the University of Winnipeg is a compact, diverse, multicultural academic community committed to excellence and access. UWinnipeg is large enough to offer more than 400 courses in 40 subject areas—in everything from filmmaking to forensics—but small enough to put students first.

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