The ASSC will be holding virtualDrop In sessionseach week via Zoom. The sessions will be:
every Monday, 11:00 am to noon
每个星期三下午2:00 -3:00 pm
every Friday 11:00 am to noon

To attend any of these sessions pleaseemailfor login information.

The Aboriginal Student Services Centre (ASSC) is currently closed and in-person services have been moved to remote delivery. The ASSC student lounge (computer lab, printer, study space, lockers) will be unavailable for students this Fall until return-to-campus protocols are in place. The Elders-in-Residence continue to work remotely and will be available to meet with students, staff and faculty virtually by appointment only. All in-person cultural and social activities are postponed until further notice. We will keep you updated as information becomes available, for more UWinnipeg COVID updates please visit//www.ifrasturias.com/covid-19/index.html

Please check out www.ifrasturias.com for current COVID-19 updates. Thank you for your patience and understanding during this time.


门The Aboriginal Student Services Centre (ASSC) has been created to maintain a safe, educational and culturally sensitive environment for all Indigenous students (First Nation, Métis and Inuit) as they pursue their academic studies at The University of Winnipeg. The ASSC strives to provide continuous student support and resources that will foster resilience in students to succeed from the application process to Convocation.

With 12% of the University student population declaring Indigenous ancestry, The University of Winnipeg is committed to offering a variety of Indigenous focus programs, research, scholarship opportunities and accessibility to a post-secondary institution. The ASSC offers a variety of support services in the areas of:


  • Academic Advising - course selection, degree planning and academic appeals
  • 过渡年计划(TYP) for first-year Indigenous students
  • 研究Skill Workshops
  • Free Peer Tutoring in academic writing, science and math
  • University Preparatory Program (GED Prep)

Support Services

  • Assistance with the University admission and WebAdvisor registration process
  • Access to Elders-in-Residence
  • Laptop Program
  • Employer Speaker Series
  • Peer Mentoring Program (TYP)
  • 传真服务
  • Cultural and Social activities

Liaison Services

  • 招聘和联络服务 - 提供校园之旅,高中访问和社区演讲亚愽娱乐app
  • Student advocacy with Education Authorities and Sponsorship agencies
  • Liaison with The University of Winnipeg faculties, support staff and community organizations
  • Aboriginal Student Ambassadors

The ASSC has an open door policy with student access to all support staff and Elders within the centre. For part-time and evening students, the ASSC staff maintain flexible work hours to accommodate a students schedule and availability. A student lounge is located adjacent to the ASSC administration offices. With an 80 student capacity, the lounge provides a safe and quiet atmosphere and is equipped with study carousels, meeting area, computer lab, locker and kitchen facilities and the Aboriginal Student Council office.