Benefits of UWinnipeg

Why should you choose the University of Winnipeg for your graduate studies?
There are several unique qualities that make The University of Winnipeg attractive to prospective graduate students. Our graduate programs are innovative and multi-disciplinary, with many unique to any graduate program in Western Canada.

What supports are offered during my graduate degree?
Each of ourgraduate programsoffers a student-centred focus on graduate education. Lower student-faculty ratio means smaller classes as well as in-depth, hands-on guidance from faculty leading to a higher-quality education.

What financial aid does the University of Winnipeg offer graduate students?
We seek to provide some financial support to all of the students we accept. Follow the links regardingTri-Council Awards,奖项&Scholarships,Bursaries, andOther Sources of Funding.

What networking opportunities are offered to graduate students?
A multidisciplinary Graduate Studies Research Week and Three-Minute Thesis Competition is presented each Spring, which offers students the opportunity to both present and learn from one another.

What support does the University of Winnipeg offer for traveling to conferences?
The University of Winnipeg Students’ Association (UWSA) offers additional financial support via a separate student Graduate Studenttravel grantcompetition.

What are the benefits of pursuing graduate studies in Winnipeg?
Our campus is conveniently situated in the heart of downtown Winnipeg, a city with one of the lowest costs of living as well as one of the highest employment rates in North America. With this in mind, the potential for future employment, both for domestic and international students, makes The University of Winnipeg an excellent choice.